Top Hospitals for Knee Pain Treatment in India

Top Hospitals for Knee Pain Treatment in India


If you are suffering from chronic knee pain or dealing with a knee injury or condition, seeking treatment from one of India’s top orthopedic hospitals can provide relief and get you on the road to recovery. India is home to many prestigious hospitals with specialized orthopedic and knee treatment departments staffed by skilled surgeons and doctors. Here are some of the best hospitals for knee pain treatment in India:

Apollo Hospitals (Multiple Locations) Apollo Hospitals is one of India’s largest private healthcare groups, with orthopedic and joint replacement centers across the country. The hospital is renowned for its knee and joint replacement procedures using advanced techniques like minimally invasive surgery. Apollo also has specialized physiotherapy departments for knee rehabilitation.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital (New Delhi) A flagship hospital of the Apollo group located in Delhi, Indraprastha Apollo is considered one of the best hospitals in India for knee and orthopedic treatments. It has a state-of-the-art Joint Replacement Unit staffed by experienced orthopedic surgeons. The hospital also offers comprehensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.

Fortis Hospitals (Multiple Locations) The Fortis group operates several multi-specialty hospitals across major Indian cities, many with dedicated orthopedic departments. The hospitals house advanced diagnostic and surgical facilities for knee conditions like arthritis, injuries, and deformities. Fortis is renowned for its joint replacement surgeries and rehab services.

  1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (New Delhi) As one of India’s premier public hospitals and medical institutes, AIIMS Delhi is a leader in orthopedic treatments and surgeries. The hospital has an exceptional Department of Orthopaedics staffed by highly skilled doctors and surgeons who treat knee issues through surgical and non-surgical methods.
  2. Manipal Hospital (Bengaluru) Located in Bengaluru, Manipal Hospital has a dedicated Orthopedic unit and Joint Replacement facility recognized for its excellence in knee treatments. From arthroscopic knee surgeries to joint replacements, the hospital provides comprehensive knee care and rehabilitative physiotherapy.

These are just a few of India’s many hospitals that excel in orthopedics and knee pain management. Most major cities have hospitals offering specialized knee treatments by experienced doctors and surgeons. Researching certifications, surgical volumes, and patient testimonials can help identify the best hospital for your specific knee condition.

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